Monday, July 29, 2013


Well, our last day in Florence was blistering hot (probably the hottest day since we arrived).  Maybe it was the city's effort to try and make us happy to be leaving.  Can't say that it worked.  Our month in Florence was truly magical.   It was also difficult to say goodbye to Dan and Rachel.  We loved having them with us, but our time together went by so quickly.  They are now in Montalcino and then off to Cinque Terre.  We are back in Dayton.  Our flights home went well and we were met at the airport in Cincinnati by Joel and Christian.  We know that it was a big sacrifice for Joel to have us gone for so long --- just more proof of how much he loves us and how he would do anything to make us happy.  Melissa and I are very lucky girls. We love you, Joel.  Thanks for making our adventure possible.  We will remember it for the rest of our lives.

Il Tempio Maggiore di Firenze-- The Great Synagogue of Flornece.  The synagogue was built in the late 1800's.
During WWII, Fascist soldiers used it as a vehicle garage.  In August, 1944, retreating German troops tried to destroy the synagogue.  The Italian resistance was able to defuse most of the explosives and only minimal damage was done. The synagogue was restored after the war.

Ruth's Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant, located next door to the synagogue.

Chabad of Florence

Rachel and Dan in front of the statue of Dante in the Piazza Santa Croce

Court yard behind the Leather School of the Church

Pizzicheria Antonia Porrati (Antonio is the man holding the prosciutto with me)

Melissa, Dan and Rachel after our incredible lunch at Antonio's

Last night in Florence.  Until next time..........

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