Saturday, July 20, 2013


Yesterday in our conversation class, we were talking about grandparents and I said, "Non vedo l'ora di essere una nonna" (I can't wait to be a grandma).  The teacher asked me how old my kids are and in my mind I said, "mio figlio maggiore ha ventisette anni ed รจ sposato da due anni" (my oldest son is 27 and has been married for two years).  Everyone looked wide-eyed and incredulous.  The teacher asked again "Quanti anni ha tuo figlio" and again I said (in my mind) "twenty-seven".  Finally, I asked "Cosa ho detto che non va?" (What did I say that is so wrong??)  And one of the girls said "Your son is 17 and has been married for two years??" I put my face in my hands and said "madonna" (which is roughly the equivalent of "oy vey").  Apparently, even though I have known how to count in Italian since I was little, I kept saying Danny is 17 and married for two years and was wondering why everyone was looking at me  like I was from the back woods of Kentucky!!

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