Monday, July 1, 2013


Melissa and I are home from our first day of school.  She started class at 9 am and had almost two hours of grammar lessons, a 20 min. break, and then almost 2 hours of conversation.  It was very intense and all in Italian.  She was absolutely exhausted when it was over.  I did not have class today.  I had an oral and written examination from 9-10 am, then an hour break (during which I went to a bar and got a macchiato e una piccola torta di riso. At 11, we had a 45 minute meeting with the director (completely in Italian) to tell us all about what the school has to offer.  Almost everyday there is an extracurricular activity (tours, cooking classes, etc.).  We have two field trips scheduled by bus: one to San Gimignano and and Siena and the other to Lucca and Pisa.  We can't wait!!  Tomorrow I find out which level class I will be in.  After the meeting with the director, Joel met me at the school and we walked through the market at San Lorenzo until 1 pm when we picked Melissa up from school.  We ate lunch, did a little shopping, had gelato (of course-- my first since we've been here!!) and now we are back at the apartment resting.  Casey Dlott and her boyfriend, Joel, and their two friends will arrive her at about 5:30 pm.  Melissa and I can't believe we are really going to live here for a month!!

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