Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Monday we were exhausted from not sleeping too well the night before, so after school we decided to go to a park to read, relax and get out of the crowded city center.  We found a large park on line called Il Parco delle Cascine which Google said would be about a 30 minute walk from our apartment.  Since it was unbearably hot, we decided to call a cab (and luckily we did, because it would have been a much longer walk than 30 minutes).  When we arrived, we were not very impressed by the park, but since we were there, we laid out our towels on the grass in the shade and tried to relax (which was impossible, since we were probably very close to a yellow jacket nest).  I killed about 6 yellow jackets with my book, but they kept sending in reinforcements, so we decided to move further down.  We sprayed ourselves and our towels generously with bug spray, had a few laughs, then actually napped for a little bit.  Fortunately, Daniele was on his way back from Portofino and he came to the park to pick us up.  We drove back into town and he waited in the van while we showered and changed.  We then went to Fiesole with him and he and Melissa played tennis for about 1.5 hours (while I, the ultimate nerd, did my Italian homework).  Later we went to a great pizza place for dinner and were back home by midnight.

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