Sunday, July 14, 2013


We had a great weekend with Nic, his mom, Tiziana, his Aunt Silvia and his sister, Carlotta (who will be attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison this fall).  It was an extremely hot weekend but we still did a lot of sightseeing, including seeing the magnificent David.  Today, we walked to Belvedere for the spectacular view of the city.  After some lunch, we all came back to the apartment to cool off, relax, and have some caffè before Tiziana, Silvia and Carlotta left for the train.  Nic is staying here tonight and leaving early to take the ferry from Livorno to Sardegna (where he will see David in August)!!  The Vezzosos are beautiful people and I know we will always  have a very special relationship.

Melissa's surreptitious photo of the magnificent David 
Silvia and Tiziana

Carlotta and Nick

Drinking Sea Breezes at Gilli in the Piazza della Repubblica

Fun dinner Saturday night

View of the city from Belvedere on Sunday

Yum.  Rivareno gelato (next door to our apartment)

Melissa with the Synagogue in the background (blue dome)

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