Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Evening with Casey Dlott and Friends

We spent a wonderful evening with Casey Dlott, her boyfriend Joel ("Little Joel or LJ"), and their friends Stephanie and Joe.  We had antipasto and wine at our apartment and then dinner at one of our favorites, Trattoria Sostanza.  Dale and Mark introduced us to this restaurant which they discovered on their honeymoon 30 years ago.  We happened to go there with Casey on her parents' anniversary, so we toasted to Mark and Dale.  After dinner we took a long walk along the Arno and then returned to the apartment before the kids had to return to the Dlott Villa in Umbria.  **NOTE:  we later learned from Casey that about one week later, while they were in Dubrovnik, Joe proposed to Stephanie!!

Big Joel and Little Joel

The happy couple when only Joe knew he was carrying around an engagement ring!

One of my favorite pictures of the Arno

"Vacation Father and Daughter"

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