Sunday, July 21, 2013


Well, this was our first weekend alone since we got here and we have really been quite lazy.  I slept until 1 pm today and Melissa slept until 2:30 !!  We had "brunch" at 5 pm at our new favorite place.  It is only a few doors down from our apartment in a little corner on the square and we have never been to  it before today.  It is so great!!! The owner/chef is Antonio Porrati.  He only spoke Italian and when he spoke to Melissa she understood everything he said and was able to answer him in Italian!  Unbelievable!  We told him we were leaving in a week but that we would be back everyday until then! When we finished eating, he said "ci vediamo domani" (see you tomorrow).  And we probably will...and the next day....and the next.....

Our new favorite place (it is about the size of our kitchen at home)

Melissa in front of the school where she has learned so much Italian so quickly

Sharing a hot panino and a small side of fusilli with eggplant. Will definitely be taking
 Danny and Rachel here this week!!

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