Monday, August 26, 2013


There is not a day that goes by that we don't miss our time in Florence.  Here are some of our likes and dislikes (although the "likes" far outweigh any negative aspects):

THE THINGS WE MISS THE LEAST ABOUT FLORENCE: aggressive old gypsy beggar women, walking up 5 flights of stairs to get to our apartment, the general aversion to air conditioning, a washing machine that held a thimble-full of clothes and took 3 hours to wash them, shower stalls so narrow that you couldn't lift up your arms without turning off the water or knocking over the soap dish with your elbows, having to choose between using a major appliance and using the A/C, blowing the fuses for the entire apartment several times a week, and the thing WE MISS LEAST OF ALL: THE HEAT!!! 

THINGS THAT WE MISS THE MOST ABOUT FLORENCE: the amazing vistas, the incredible food, the beautiful language, the gorgeous sunsets over the Duomo, the reflection of the buildings in the Arno at night, the culture, the live music in every piazza and on street corners every evening, the magnificent architecture, the breathtaking art and sculpture, the laughter and the drama in every conversation, AND MOST OF ALL: THE WONDERFUL ITALIAN PEOPLE.

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